Cyclo handmade Titanium bicycles.
Titanium is as strong as steel, but lighter,
a titanium frame guarantees durability,
lightness & comfort.

Road | Cross | MTB | Tour | Gravel

All frames are custom-made ​​and manufactured by a workshop with years of experience building custom frames in titanium.

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The Frames & Specs


Titanium is as strong as steel, but lighter, a titanium frame guarantees durability, lightness & comfort.

Frames are full 3Al-2.5V titanium of grade 9, seamless tubes, cold worked and stress-relived.
Hand made in Europe.
Seattube is butted, headtube is externally butted, and bb is internally butted.
Top and down tubes are plain gauge.

We make mtb, road, cross, touring & gravel. Any wheelsize you need.

Standard finish is hand brushed with sandblasted logos.

You can ask for particular headtube, bottom bracket and dropouts as well as other details, see them on price & options.

About Titanium:

Titanium is perhaps the most exotic and expensive metal commonly used for bicycle frame tubes. It combines many desirable characteristics, including a high strength to weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance. Reasonable stiffness allows for many titanium frames to be constructed with "standard" tube sizes comparable to a traditional steel frame, although larger diameter tubing is becoming more common for more stiffness. Titanium is more difficult to machine than steel or aluminum, which sometimes limits its uses and also raises the effort (and cost) associated with this type of construction.

Titanium frames typically use titanium alloys and tubes that were originally developed for the aerospace industry. The most commonly used alloy on titanium bicycle frames is 3AL-2.5V (3.5% Aluminum and 2.5% Vanadium). 6AL-4V (6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium) is also used, but it is more difficult to weld, make tubes of, and machine. Often, the tubes are of 3AL-2.5V while dropouts and other peripheral sections are made of 6AL-4V. (Source: Wikipedia)


Price & Options

Totxo: Mountain Bike 26" / 27,5" / 29": from 1695€
>>> Full bicycle 3690€ - >Details<

Asphalt / Mónica: Road: from 1695€
>>> Full bicycle with Ultegra 11speed: 3590€ - >Details<

Grava: Cross/Gravel: from 1695€

Kjolür: Touring: from 1695€
- Above price includes: custom geometry, 44mm ID headtube, BSA bottom bracket, 27,2mm seatpost diameter, replacable derailleur hanger with Wright dropouts (QR or 10mm), & 2 waterbottle mounts.

- Standard finish is hand brushed (satin polished) with sandblasted logos.

- Standard diameter tubes are 38mm or 44mm for downtube and 32mm for top and seat tubes, 16mm seatstays and 22mm chainstays. 18-25 conical chainstays for road/cross frames

We can also build full bicycles or get some parts for you, forks, groupsets, etc. Ask for a budget.

Worldwide shipping costs not included.



- Any kind of Bottom Brackett.
- Any kind of headtube.
- Dropouts.
- Diameter of tubes.
- Carbon tube on top, down, seattube. Any choice

- Internal cable routing

Pricing on options depends on each item. Ask for anything you would like to find out price upgrade.


- Warranty of 5 years
- All prices are subject to change.


About Cyclo

After many years working in the bicycle industry, in shops, distributors, magazines, events, and cycling tours, I decided to start Cyclo Bicycles, my own custom bicycle brand. I began cycling as a young child. I remember playing with a small tricycle in my grandparents neighborhood, and then with a red BH going wildly down a ramp in a school playground. My grandpa kept an eye on me to say if I went faster each time. I don't remember any crashes :)

And when mountain bikes came out, I started mountain biking right from the beginning. It was fun discovering the nearby Collserola mountain range with friends, looking for jumps, berms, and appreciating being in nature. When the Mountain Bike World Cup took place in Spain, I fell in love with a steel Marin Team Issue. I was 18 and managed to buy that frame, and something changed in me. From that time on I did not stop cycling. I have had numerous bikes, mountain, road, urban... I have travelled with them, participated in Epics, and finally, after a long cycling trip in New Zealand, I got a job in the largest shop in Barcelona, and then other jobs come...

Here I am many years later designing beautiful bikes. For me bikes are the most amazing vehicle there is to make people happy. That is what it is all about.

Our main purpose at Cyclo is to build you a bicycle that surpasses your cycling needs, a bicycle you will want to ride as much as you can, a bicycle that will make you smile.

Welcome to Cyclo Bicycles.


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Cyclo Bicycles supports non-profit organization World Bicycle Relief.

World Bicycle Relief provides access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles.

With every frame or bike sold we are helping people around the world.

For more information please visit:

Contact & Order

If you want to order a frame or bicycle,
or need more information about them please contact e-mailing to:

>> info@cyclobicycles.com

or calling us to: 972727333 (main number)
or: 678432043
if you call from outside of Spain use international code and spain code: 34





"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving"Albert Einstein

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