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After many years working in the bicycle industry, in shops, distributors, magazines, events, and cycling tours, I decided to start Cyclo Bicycles, my own custom bicycle brand.

I began cycling as a young child. I remember playing with a small tricycle in my grandparents neighborhood, and then with a red BH going wildly down a ramp in a school playground. My grandpa kept an eye on me to say if I went faster each time. I don't remember any crashes…

And when mountain bikes came out, I started mountain biking right from the beginning. It was fun discovering the nearby Collserola mountain range with friends, looking for jumps, berms, and appreciating being in nature. When the Mountain Bike World Cup took place in Spain, I fell in love with a steel Marin Team Issue. I was 18 and managed to buy that frame, and something changed in me. From that time on I did not stop cycling. I have had numerous bikes, mountain, road, urban... I have travelled with them, participated in Epics, and finally, after a long cycling trip in New Zealand, I got a job in the largest shop in Barcelona, and then other jobs come...

Here I am many years later designing beautiful bikes. For me bikes are the most amazing vehicle there is to make people happy. That is what it is all about.
Our main purpose at Cyclo is to build you a bicycle that surpasses your cycling needs, a bicycle you will want to ride as much as you can, a bicycle that will make you smile.
Welcome to Cyclo Bicycles.


  […] And what about the bike. I am impressed, it handles excelent. I don´t know how much of a biker I am but for the last 15 year I use to bike 14000km every year.It is that kind of bike that you ride too hard and get tired too fast.It felt very responsive and I think it is a better kick than in my English. I can only agree with you that this is a good climbing bike. It can´t be much of a problem to sell your frames if you can convince people that steel can be as good as carbon […]
Bo - Sweden

"Frames like this make me feel special because I don’t want to race them.  I don’t want to do time trials or sprints.  Instead, I just want to ride them. Cyclo Bicycles is a company based in Spain that manufactures classic-looking custom frames, taking a step away from the all-carbon, weight-conscious mentality of bicycling.  Cyclo’s mission statement reflects their approach to cycling – they write that they simply want to make the rider smile.  In regards to that, everything about these frames are made-to-order so it would be hard to frown". 
Colin -


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